Vitalin – End User Products

Landscaping, Public Greenery & Tree Restoration

Wurzeldip-Vitalin P1

Suitable for:
For root dipping and mycorrhizion of

  • all naked rooting coniferous woods
  • all deciduous trees except fruit, vine, berries, walnut, maple, acacia, ash, cedar, eucalyptus, lilac, palm trees, willow, magnolia.

Mix 400 g with 25-30 l water, depending on species and root volume the mixture is sufficient for ca. 1.000 biennial juv. plants.

Wurzeldip-Vitalin P8

Suitable for:
for the root dipping and mycorrhizion of all naked rooting plants.

Mix 400 g with 15 l water, depending on species and root volume the mixture is sufficient for ca. 1.000 biennial juv. plants.

Baumstarter-Vitalin BS9

Suitable for:
For mycorrhizion of root balls or planting of trees.

Mix Baumstarter-Vitalin with soil/substrate and fill the last 5-10 cm around the root ball with mixture.
90 g Baumstarter-Vitalin BS9 per meter root ball radius.
The root ball radius is calculatet in the following way: Diameter x 3,15.

Baumsanierung-Vitalin S15

Suitable for:
For mycorrhizion of established trees and shrubs via soil drilling.

Applying a coring or bar drill.
On the whole treetop dripping area apply every 60-75 cm 80 g Baumsanierung-Vitalin S15
with a bar drill in a deps of 10-20 cm.
Application rate: 170 g per m².
Calculation of treetop dripping area: (treetop diameter: : 2 )² x 3,15

Biostimulator-Vitalin SP11

Suitable for:
For supplying the plant with potent microorganisms through watering.
Work with a 0,1% solution.

Application -Planting of trees, shrubs and indoor plants:
Dissolve 100 g Biostimulator-Vitalin SP11 in 100 l water and water the ground after planting. 100 l solution lasts for ca. 400 qm. Per qm 0,25 of Biostimulator-Vitalin SP11 are needed.

Application – Heavely used areas, stressed or by disease weakend plants:
Biostimulator-Vitalin SP11 should be used with or after a treatment of a fungicide.
Soak root area very well with a 1% solution (100 g per 10 l).
The treatment can be repeated if necessary every 3-4 weeks.

Bio active pond cleanser TR24

Suitable for:
Microorganisms against alge and smelly ponds clearing the water.
Reduces the overspill of nutritions in the water and so starve the alge.
Dead organic material as dead leaves and duff are consumed by the Microorganisms.

Application – in problematic cases and heavy alge production:
Apply 1 g per cbm water. In case of heavy alge production or low water movements, and therefore bad air ventilation, apply 2 g per cbm water.

Application – regular pond care:
For regular pond care during the hot month apply just 0,2 g per cbm water.

Trichoderma -Vitalin T50

Suitable for:
For increasing defence mechanisms and to prevent infection of fusarium, pytium and rhizoctonia, sclerotium phytophtora, verticillium, botrytis a.o.

Application – Sowing:
For liquid application.
Apply 0,2% solution 2 days after sowing with the sprinkler or the pouring car.

application – Replanting:
For liquid application.
Mix 40 g in 10 liter water and dip naked roots of plants into it

Application – Young and ornamental plants:
For liquid application.
Apply 0,1% solution with sprinkler or pouring car (100 – 200 g per 100 l water).

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