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What are Microorganisms, Trichoderma & Mycorrhizal Fungi


There are many Microorganisms which are used for different purposes in the field of plant cultivation. For example some Bacillus species boost growth and yield, others control disease.
Trough combining several microorganisms many problems in landscaping and agriculture can be addressed at minimal costs. The most important issues at finding solutions are…

…high performance of the strains of microorganisms regarding the plant species needs

… high concentration

…long durability at room temperature and impassivity against UV radiation, pH variance, oxygen, and heat

…good compatibility with herbicides and fertilisers

Vitalin offers, on all four terms, above-average and consistent quality.


Trichoderma are fungi that are efficient antagonists of many soil and root deseases. Trichoderma filaments are able to penetrate pathogenic fungi and digest them. At the same time they shield the roots and protect them from harmful organisms in the soil.
The Vitalin Trichoderma products combine several strains that can be applied to a great variety of crops and production systems.

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizal Fungi live in a close symbiotic relationship with the roots of nearly all land plants.
They live on the surface and sometimes inside the root, they support the plant with essential nutrients, water, hormones, vitamins and stimulate the growth of the fine secondary root-systems. Plants with an enhanced surface area are healthier, grow better and produce better crops.
All of Vitalin mycorrhizal products are a combination of several potent mycorrhizal strains, which cover a wide range of plant species.